Shattered Glass Photoshop Brushes You Need In Your Life, ASAP!

Considered as one of the most important tools in painting, brushes are equally as important when it comes to digital artwork. A little back story on Photoshop brushes, as a tool, brushes can be used in digital painting and works just like any other traditional drawing tool. What traditional drawing tools do not have, however, are what we call ‘presets’ or ‘brush presets’, these refer to the exact diameter of the brush stroke, and the customized brush style or pattern. Through Photoshop’s presets, it is easy to save brushes, with the exact settings and styles you prefer. There are tons of brush styles to choose from since it is fairly ‘easy’ and common to make custom Photoshop brushes. Although technically ‘easy’, it can be a bit challenging to find high-quality, high-resolution Photoshop brushes that effectively convey the look the artist is going for.


Here are some Photoshop brushes that have a ‘shattered glass’ look – providing a pattern that’s super useful and easy to manage or customize. Coming in at around 2500 px by 2500 px, this brush set exhibits extremely intricate details that cannot be found with lower quality Photoshop brushes. Personalized to suit your preferences, play with the brushes’ opacity, blend modes, and others to achieve the perfect look. The set comes with 12 variations of the shattered glass look, including a bullet hole through glass, along with other broken glass effects. Click here to access and download the brushes for free, through


Are you looking for a finished product, or a sample of what can be achieved using the brushes? Take a look at this sample work made by Patrick Ellasos and be inspired to explore what the brushes have to offer.


Please bear in mind that with any medium, it is not easy when you are still starting, and some ‘techniques’ take longer to get used to. The brushes make artists’ lives easier by creating a ‘shortcut’ that does not bypass quality. Be one of the first to try out these brushes, today!