Simple Adjustments to Improve Your Images

Images are no doubt important elements of design and content. Whether for a project or for personal use, make the most out of images that you are using and will use by applying some enhancements. Simple adjustments can make a big difference as long as they are applied correctly to improve your images.


MicroCreatives picked out some top tips to improve your images through simple enhancements.



Enhance focus and composition through cropping. Easily transform photos by cropping unwanted or distracting areas and to focus on one point. However, it also important to note that while cropping is easy, do so with caution since the more you crop the more the image reduces in quality and resolution. Also, be cautious of pixelation especially with enlarging an already cropped image.


The best practice when cropping is to follow the rule of thirds to lay equal stress on each element. Lay your image on a grid dividing it into thirds horizontally and vertically. Where the lines intersect, those are the focal points where the main focus of the image should be.


rule of thirds



Highlight images by shifting the center of attention through blurring. Blurring an image brings a soft yet abstract wash of color to an otherwise solid-colored background. When blurring an image, it lets for additional color and shapes without distracting details.




Saturation, Contrast, Brightness

Play with color intensity, shadows, and lighting with saturation, contrast, and brightness. Saturation or desaturation lets you show more or less vivid colors for your picture, respectively. It plays with color intensity unlike contrast which plays with highlights and shadows, making for lighter lights and darker darks along with the wide range of tones in between. Lastly, when comparing contrast and brightness, they differ in a sense that brightness will affect the whole image.




Due to the rise of social media, particularly Instagram, filter options in photo editing apps have become so popular because of instant results. Filters are usually applied to add artistic appeal to images, but they are also used to correct or hide issues in the image. Most photo editing apps today even allow you to manually adjust other aspects of the image such as brightness, contrast, exposure, and saturation, aside from choosing from the filter sets.



If you need professional help for manipulating and correcting images, MicroCreatives can do it for you! We can help you achieve the optimal result for all your images, among other services offered.