Simple Desk Exercises for the Creative Team

The creative team often spend long hours sitting at their desks and in front of the computer; our designers, web developers, animators, and copywriters here at MicroCreatives are no exception. With the nature of our jobs, the most we can do to keep our health in check while at work is by taking screen breaks from time to time, as well as standing up once in a while. But we know it takes more than that to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Here are some basic exercises you can practice while sitting at your work desk. These will only take a few minutes of your time; some you can even try while doing work.


Proper posture

Start by practicing proper sitting posture. It’s easy to forget that you have to sit straight with a solid, straight back especially when you’re used to slouching and working comfortably. You need to get your posture right before even attempting other desk exercises.


Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain


Strengthen Your Core

Strengthen your core by sitting upright on your chair with your weight evenly spread between both feet. Then, start with one foot off the floor, thigh to your torso with torso muscles engaged. Repeat for the other foot and alternate for two sets of eight repetitions.


Work On Your Triceps and Pectoral Muscles

Tricep dips can be done by placing both hands on your chair’s arms then dipping your pelvis down to the floor in a reverse push up motion, with your bottom touching the floor. Don’t mind the stares; encourage your team to do it, too! Stretching your pectoral muscles on the other hand can be done by interlinking your fingers together behind your head then tilting your pelvis forward, pushing your chest towards your desk and pulling your elbows back. Repeat the dips for five times for a good 30-second set, and the stretch every 30 minutes holding for 30 seconds at a time.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Prevention

Working in front of a computer entails typing and clicking all day, and this could put our wrists at risk of getting carpal tunnel syndrome. Regularly performing wrist exercises can prevent this. Roll your wrists clockwise and then counterclockwise, ten times each. This can be done at hourly intervals.


These tips are only some of the many desk exercises you can try at work. They should help you get through the work week without feeling sluggish.


Bear in mind that these exercises should be done with your own personal strengths in mind. And while the routines can work for one person, they are not guaranteed to suit everyone. Please proceed at your own discretion.


What are the other routines you know? Let us know in the comments below!