Smarter Content Marketing: Apply These Traditional Copywriting Strategies to Modern Content Writing

As we previously discussed, copywriting and content writing are not the same. Rather, they work with each other but serve different purposes. Copywriting is used for persuasion, while content writing takes care of the rest, including attracting an audience and making sure to keep them engaged, and eventually stimulating desire that will lead to action or purchase.


And while copy is different from content, smarter content marketing suggests that traditional copywriting strategies can (and should) be applied to content writing to make it more effective. Just when you think content marketing already has it all, a little help from persuasive direct response copywriting can get you further. After all, the basics never get old.


It All Starts with a Catchy Headline

Headlines are called headlines for a reason. They should grab attention and get the audience to read the rest of the content. No matter how well done the content is, and no matter how wide your audience reach is, weak headlines won’t get attention.


Avoid Overplaying Cleverness

Wordplay, puns, jokes, and memes can be quite interesting and a great way to remain relevant, but not when it’s overdone. To avoid audience confusion, never use cleverness in a headline. Make it catchy yet direct to the point. Sometimes the simpler the content, the better or clearer it sends the message. However, never mistake simple for boring.


The Big Idea

Content should always be factual and accurate but at the same time colorful and entertaining to read. Think combining these elements is impossible? Framing your content around a Big Idea can produce information that is both educational and enjoyable to read. For example, when you’re writing about the benefits of a product or service, don’t just blatantly list the benefits; along with your Big Idea, use great imagery! Develop a personality! You can even use humor or controversy. That way your readers will be hooked.


Back It Up with Research

Research isn’t easy especially if you aren’t so keen on visiting libraries or doing field research on your own. Good thing there’s the internet where you can find book archives and limitless resources beyond the usual blogs and sites relevant to your topic. Dig deeper and be obsessed with your topic. Armed with creativity and backed by intensive research, you might just come up with a great Big Idea.


Identify Your Target

Perhaps the most basic strategy and the most useful as well is to know your audience. Find your niche. Find the people who will most likely be interested in your content. Get to know them more, get feedback, find out what they want, and from there you can mold the perfect product.


Need More Tips?

In the modern world of content marketing, traditional copywriting techniques remain the foundation. There are more old school strategies you can apply to modern content writing and you will never go wrong. Get in touch with us at MicroCreatives for more insights on effective copywriting and content writing. We also have a team of writers ready to help you with effective and compelling copy and content about anything under the sun and for any platform or medium.