Spiderwebbed! A Creative Website’s Effect

If internet is the short term for interconnected network, then does it mean the word website has a longer word affiliation? For the sake of this blog topic though, let’s just assume that the word website is related to spiderweb. Simply put, the coined term will be spiderwebbed.

Now, at the moment of reading this you’ll come to realize that you have also beenspiderwebbed. Like a spider web, it is sturdy and sticky; and that averting your eyes off the website would require effort. Perhaps the topic engages you, or roused your curiosity, or that the website in which this article is posted looks appealing and worthy of your time and attention. If you want to know what causes thespiderwebbed effect, read on further.

Everyone has their eyes glued on the screen of their monitor, tablet, or mobile phone, immersing themselves in the digital world and browsing websites to pass time. Today’s digital age has truly taken our world by storm, as it has the capability to divert our attention from our reality and immediate surroundings and let our gaze wander into the squeezed, small-frame screen, an extension of our reality called the virtual world. The internet has this thing called website. And with each browse and click of a website, browsing can take hours.

Now, if you are an artsy-fartsy type of person who wiles away time by looking at artsy-fartsy stuff online, or a business-marketing person eyeing for creative website ideas, you’ve come to the right place. This blog features one of the most creative websites on the web.

image backdrop of letters inc

The image above is actually the backdrop of a design agency website in Japan called Letters, Inc., a 6-People Design Agency. One glance at their website and you’ll know that these people do know how to keep their audience entertained while passing time. The website is packed with moving graphics and artistic, linear designs.  The responsive website also allows users to change the color of the backdrop with just a click of the mouse. It keeps audience coming back for another glance, only to find out that there is really more than what meets the eye.

That’s the thing about responsive “spiderwebbed” websites, it makes every part of the web, and even the small details, unravel by themselves with just a click. It pays off if your website is catchy enough to engage users and let their eyes wile away time.

If you want something similar of the spiderwebbed effect, then you have come to the right place.