The Power of Doodling

It is human nature to doodle. We make random sketches of almost any line, shape, or figure that catches our fancy and then we expand on it. Toddlers know how to doodle from their ‘wall paintings’ that somehow mimic prehistoric man’s instinct to describe an idea.

So how useful are doodles in our lives anyway? Or are they just an aimless way to pass the time as we go on about our responsibilities?

From Vague Musings to Clear Thoughts

One advantage of doodling is that we flesh out germs of an idea that we can’t easily say out loud. It can be a feeling we keep deep down or an idea for that all-important report at school or work. Describing an idea by drawing them will let us form connections between our concepts and reality. This lets us absorb new ideas easier as our brain often makes sense out of images quicker than reading a treatise on the subject.

Communicating Made Easier

We explain through our sketches to make complex ideas simpler to understand. A teacher who wants students to internalize an idea will often draw an object on a board and tell how that thing represents an idea. This makes it easier to communicate and let ourselves be known to others.

Concrete to Online

Doodles are not only cave paintings or made using a pen and paper anymore. They have become the stuff of the Internet. We see this every time there’s a special occasion and Google hono­rs it with an interactive drawing on its home page. Neat isn’t it?

Then there are graphic artists who make the lives of their clients easier with viral content marketing. One great example is Coca Cola’s dynamic storytelling strategy which they used to demonstrate how they will market their brand.

This just shows how we should be creative in making our thoughts known through the power of the Doodle. Try it and see how you can make yourself known with a drawing!