3 Important Things in Graphic Design Outsourcing

A lot of small and medium-sized businesses have found the benefits of outsourcing their creative needs, and have taken advantage of the leverage creative outsourcing provides. From website design to business cards to marketing flyers, first-time and serial entrepreneurs alike are tapping into the deep, creative well of creative outsourcing agencies.


Aside from creating trends in the digital market, innovation in technology and marketing have also paved the way for the creative industry to help small and medium enterprises realize business goals. By offering graphic design services for marketing efforts, creative outsourcing agencies like us at MicroCreatives enable entrepreneurs gain more time to focus on their core business.


Though Google can be a friend when looking for the right creative agency to help you, here at MicroCreatives, we have three important things we abide with in helping our clients achieve their business goals.



For any project, time is of the essence. Look for a creative agency that values time. Small details, such as a quick response to an email, clear project timelines, transparency in costs, are big in the eyes of efficiency, as these small details save time, money, and effort. A creative agency that gets the job done ahead of deadlines is worth keeping – you get precious time to evaluate results and give well thought out feedback. Effective time and project management is key in ensuring that projects are punctually and efficiently delivered. Here at MicroCreatives, our clients can ask us to use Basecamp, JIRA, InVision, Teamwork, or any project management system that they prefer. Our “default” project management system is Asana, which we have been using for more than three years now.


Creativity and Vision

We agree that creativity can be a subjective matter, but we ensure objectivity by putting our best foot forward in working with our clients. We try to understand what the client needs, their vision, their goal… and we suggest what they need to move forward – a logo for a new brand, a reworking of their logo for re-branding, or new color schemes for their brand. Hire a creative agency that’s ready to invest time with you to know what you need to either promote or refresh your brand.


Custom-fit for your budget

Before choosing a creative outsourcing agency, make sure you have several choices in terms of pricing. Do you want to work with an agency on a time and materials (T&M) basis? Do you want to micromanage your own graphic designer via a creative outsourcing agency? Do you want to test the waters with a small project, like the design of your business card?

Here at MicroCreatives, the best creative design agency, we offer our clients the chance to test our mettle with a small project. We will ask you what you need, gather vital information about your project, and offer you a highly negotiable estimate. You can also have your own MicroCreatives monster – a graphic designer, a copywriter, or a web developer – all without the fuss of lengthy contract negotiations.