Turn Your One Tiny Idea into 16 Top-Notch Articles

Content marketing is how businesses create and share content to attract possible customers. It is a large arena where they can display their products and show who they are. And for every stern wordsmith, every article that they publish can contribute to achieving their business goals.


The problem is that, before we could generate content, we are always bugged out in thinking of content ideas to produce. It can be grueling to write numerous great articles that would motivate visitors to go to your website and learn more about the product you are selling.


To dig deeper into the problem, let’s pretend you are the marketing communications manager (or maybe you already are!) of a business that produces and sells paint and paintbrushes. You need to project the company’s philosophy in creating these items, like the cutting edge expertise, the drive, and the care they put into their products. But the problem is that you cannot come up with a copy of more than a couple of paragraphs.


Well, you’re stuck, and yet you need to write different articles that aim to help your audience to know about your merchandise. Unfortunately, you only have a tiny idea and it is limited; the only article you could possibly construct reads more like an “About” page, a press release, or a business article rather than a compelling story that would entice your audience to read.


But instead of waving the white flag and let the opportunity fly out the window, let’s first broaden your creative perspective on the situation.


Going back to the drawing board, keep these suggestions in mind so that you could widen the range of your article writing from your tiny idea. These will help you in making your website fresh and a worthy resource. The following ideas could also be applied to many types of businesses and could help you in figuring out your niche in the industry.



  1. The story behind the product – You can create different articles by selling your products individually. Writing why the customers should purchase the particular item will give them an in-depth understanding of what your product is about. You may list down the benefits they’ll be receiving after purchasing the product which will help lure more customers to your website.


  1. Customer blurbs – Create complimentary posts about your product that came from the voice of your customers. These will not only boost your product’s marketability, but it will also make your customers feel valued and appreciated as their voices are heard and taken into considerations.


  1. Patron rewards – Reward your avid readers by giving them special offers and giveaways. This will help you to have more readers and followers on your website, but also to encourage them to subscribe to your products.


  1. Establish camaraderie – By promoting other businesses that are in the same industry as yours will initiate camaraderie. You may write about how your products and their products go hand in hand together and link their website to your posts. By doing so, you’ll be rewarded not only with good industry relationship but also your products can be marketed by other companies as well and may lead up to future partnerships.



  1. Employee stories – This is a good way to show off your team. You may write about how passionate your employees are to what the company is selling. Write about how their interests relate to the business and their job. It could be in a Q&A format. Things like “what do they do?” or “how does his or her traits contribute to the company?” could be a good content idea. Not only you are producing a good article, you are also uplifting the company spirit by letting your employees know that they are valuable and also an integral part of the company’s success.


  1. Backstage access – Give your readers an exclusive insight into what is happening in your operations. Share your activities, what it’s like to work on your company and what differentiates you from the industry. Maybe it is a bit uninteresting, but giving your audience a chance to see how your products are being manufactured and the people behind, it may drag people to your store.


  1. Company’s credo – Write what your company is about. Use your blog to let the customers know what your mission is. Share with the readers your objective in selling your products. Putting it on your blog makes it more personable. Professional jargon can be more understandable because of the friendly and casual tone of it.


  1. Multimedia platforms – Let your product be seen on many different multimedia platforms. Seeing your products in action, whether in images, videos and slideshow give the customers an idea of what it feels like to own your products.



  1. Reportage – By writing about current events related to what you are selling will keep your website current and alive. Use your website in creating announcements about activation, news, and highlights whether about local events or international ones. This will help your company and your customers be updated as both are connected in the same industry.


  1. A-list events – A-list events are a chance for you to create long and detailed content. A standard blog post may contain 300-500 words, but for this type of event, you may create content closer to a thousand word count. It could require that number to provide comprehensive details and analysis.


  1. Field correspondents – Having a correspondent on big events and nearby socialization that is related to your product could provide a good content to your website. You could write about your customer’s needs from a wide variety of consumers and attendees of the event.


  1. Professionals’ insights – Give your audience a chance to learn from the industry professionals. Interviewing experts and mavens could increase website visitors and followers.



  1. Workshops and seminars – Did you ever consider giving a workshop or seminar in your store? Well, if you are unsure, then use your blog to know if your customers are interested. Or if possible, you may create an online course that your audience can venture. Or start simple with creating posts that recommend classes and training.


  1. Insider guidelines – Give tips and practices by creating “how to” articles. It can range from “how to safely keep paint in good condition” or “what are the appropriate paint for different wall materials”; the possibilities are endless.


  1. Study guides – Let your website be a firsthand tool of your customers in terms of resources. By creating articles about reviews of websites, books, and magazine articles, you are guiding your audience to the things that would help them and to distance them from the things that aren’t useful.


  1. Firsthand response – Again, listen to what your customers have to say. Whether in the form of questions, comments, or suggestions, your audience is an integral part of keeping your website alive. You may not answer all their concerns at once, but their inputs could possibly open new content ideas that could be added to your blog. You may create a “FAQ” section, and updating it from time to time could really help your audience. You want the website to be a primary source of answers to customer concerns, so it is better if questions about your own product could be answered by your own website.



The importance of having your own content marketing arena is to have a platform to showcase who you are, your product, and what your business stands for. It is essential to build trust with your audience to reach potential customers.


Having your own editorial strategy makes your website a channel that broadcasts news, updates, and campaigns that could be shared throughout social media. Its media components will help lure more visitors and possibly become followers.


Here at MicroCreatives, our job is to help businesses around the world in creating copies and content to strengthen your business perspectives and possibly grow your market in every click to your site.


If you’re still having problems in making your tiny idea grow, just contact us and we will help you build your dream website that your company deserves.