How Understanding Your Personality Can Fuel Your Creativity

As creative professionals, have there been days when the source of your creativity has run dry and you’ve run out of good ideas? Do you think your creativity could be directly correlated to your personality type? Different personalities will require different ways to spark creativity, that’s for sure. But understanding how the brain works and one’s personality would definitely help make creativity flow better, right?


Creativity and Personality

Creativity will require multiple sources from within a person (there is no one source that will get you out of your writer’s or artist’s block). Personality is an all-encompassing term for something that describes one’s psychological attributes correlated to how one feels, thinks, socializes, and behaves. Here is where creativity and personality combine – creativity can stem from one’s emotion, motivation, social expression, and self-regulation.


Psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman mentioned how there are three key factors to how personality predicts creativity: plasticity, divergence, and convergence. Plasticity is about openness to experience, extraversion, high energy, and inspiration. Divergence is more about non-conformity and impulsivity, but low agreeableness and conscientiousness. Convergence, on the other hand, is more about precision and persistence. All of these characteristics play an equal role and contribute to one’s creative process.


How does knowing your personality type help with creativity?

It takes a certain level of knowledge, courage, and self-awareness to delve into a continuous creative process. Ways to fuel creativity start with knowing the perfect environment (where you come up with the best ideas) and understanding the reason behind any spark and flow of inspiration. It may also help if you know your personal strengths better just so you have an idea of what you’re working with.


To understand your personality and creative process better, here are the 16 MBTI personality types, their common creative strengths, and how to fuel your creativity depending on personality type.



  • Keep creativity flowing by writing down your best ideas in a journal. Make it a habit to write down ideas until you’re able to act on them. If you find that you get inspired at random times, keep notes so you have an ongoing list of inspiration and ideas you can make happen any day.
  • Create something based on intuition alone. No need to be concerned if you’re doing a good job or not, as long as you continue creating, it’s a great activity.
  • Visit peaceful places (even cemeteries). Physical thinking and walking around peaceful places can get the cogwheels turning in your brain.
  • Idea generator. Make the most out of your creativity by continuously generating ideas. Don’t feel pressured to execute any of your ideas any time soon. Just keep your ideas flowing and find ones that you feel have the most positive impact on people.


  • Fuel your creativity through reading. Do some reading for about 30 minutes a day to make you think, imagine, and fantasize.
  • Get out of a creative slump by listening to sad songs, watching sad movies, and basking in melancholic stories that stir you up emotionally.
  • Get stimulated by new experiences and environments. Explore new places and let the events fuel your creativity.
  • Play with random ideas. Never dismiss your scattered and random ideas. Keep them in your idea bank for future use.
  • Do not dismiss your curious mind. This can keep you motivated and inspired. Take your ideas and build off of it.


  • Keeping notes or a brain dump document lets you go through all the ideas and see which one is logical enough to keep and act on.
  • Talk about your plans with people and get a new perspective, feedback, new ideas every time.
  • Utilize your creativity by finding ways to satisfy and help people through your intelligent plans and ability to recognize people’s strength and weaknesses. Nudge people in the right direction and you may be nudged back to continue with your own creative process.


  • Try to do something different and see inspiration and creativity spark at the most inopportune times. Do something until you’re able to derive inspiration from your current activity.
  • Make a plan and act on it. Doing something that will force you to focus more and start the creative process.


  • Find crafts to work on and teach. Use your crafty nature and skills to make things more cohesive and detailed. You’ll find that while you can’t express creativity in a way that you always want, your instinctive nature to make things beautiful and organized will contribute to creating hand-made pieces and projects that will surely surprise not only yourself but others as well.
  • While naturally talented, you can be extremely focused and skill-oriented and inspiration may not always come at the most opportune time for you. Get yourself in various situations that will eventually help you evolve. While there’s always a want for you to impress others, find the time to impress yourself by delving more into things you’re passionate about.


  • Envision goals. Some may find you boring but it’s in your personality to get things done. The fact that you know what you want and will always go after your envisioned goals is enough to get your creativity going.
  • ISTJs and ESTJs are focused and are able to accomplish things when they set their minds to it. Use your creative skill to make things more efficient. Your creativity will definitely shine, especially when fueled by your desire to get the best results.


  • While you aren’t the most artistic or creative in a sense, use your intelligence to utilize ‘creativity’ while trying to fix or solve something. Skilled in all things that require solving, you’ll be able to find your way around the problem.
  • Do what feels right at the moment. Ideas and creative expression will come and go rather quickly but that’s the joy of being ISTP and ESTP. You may not be able to be as creative as others but your own individuality and how uniquely you see things will work for you, even when your creativity isn’t exactly manifested like others.


  • Make use of your innate creativity and imagination. Make use of your imaginative soul and find ways to express your creativity. Artistry can be expressed in different ways.
  • You’re able to optimize the fun in your surroundings. It’s easy for you to make use of your creativity and come up with great ideas. The most impressive thing is how you have the capability to see things more beautiful than others.

Here at Microcreatives, we are never short of inspiration when working on our creative projects. The team knows how to handle pressure well in an environment that nurtures talent and originality.