Using Illustration in Brand Marketing

It’s the consistency of a company’s branding and corporate identity that can make or break its success in creating a strong brand awareness and recall. You can easily associate a campaign with the brand through the use of distinguishable logo, consistent color palette, and other distinct visual elements. But as the market demands for more fresh and unique content, companies start to dabble with different ways to make their content more visually engaging, and that includes using illustration in their brand marketing and advertising campaigns.


To give you inspiration for your own business’ brand marketing campaigns, here are some of the companies that used illustration in their campaigns successfully and how they did it.



Nike is one of the world’s biggest brands and has one of the most recognizable logos: the ‘swoosh.’ The brand is not new to using illustration in their brand campaigns and knowing its target is the major contributing factor to its success. Majority of Nike’s target audience includes young people who wear brands like Nike as the staple sports and streetwear. Hence, Nike catered to this demographic by featuring colorful street art in their advertising and marketing campaigns.


To advertise their Airmax 2015 line, in particular, Nike partnered with Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong for a campaign that featured local illustrators and it was really no surprise when the campaign benefited the brand greatly.


Image source: Ads of the World / Illustration by Kristopher Ho


Kuoni, as a well-known luxury holiday brand, has been gracing glossy magazine pages with high-quality images of their extravagant, upscale destinations. In 2016, instead of using professional photography to feature its beautiful holiday destinations, the brand had their brochure design taken care of by Altavia, an independent marketing and publishing group.


Kuoni and Altavia went down an unusual route when they started an illustrated campaign that featured bright and boldly-colored illustrations of their popular holiday destinations. Needless to say, the illustrated campaign was an incredible success and has led to better sales.


Image source: Malika Favre / Illustration by Malika Favre


Mercedes-Benz’s illustrated campaign in 2011 was a welcome break from their usual sleek and sophisticated ads featuring their luxury cars and astonishing landscapes. A partnership with an Israeli advertising company brought about the ‘right side and left side’ of the brain illustrated campaign which showed the two sides of the human brain and their opposite functions. The illustration was effective in representing how opposing traits make up the perfect product (referring to Mercedes-Benz cars), such as how the brain with its two halves work together to make humans function.


Image source: Ads of the World / Illustration by Gil Aviyam and Lena Guberman


Another automotive brand that successfully used illustration in its campaign is Lexus. For its ‘Every piece is a masterpiece’ campaign, Lexus partnered with Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore to create an illustrated ad campaign that reinvented artworks by famous artists, such as Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, and Vincent Van Gogh, and incorporated themes relevant to the brand.


Image source: Ads of the World / Art directed by Ronojoy Ghosh

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