War is Brewing – Literally!

Coffee /kôfē, ˈkäfē/

  • a drink made from the roasted and ground beanlike seeds of a tropical shrub, served hot or iced
  • it’s what makes adults get up and function for the rest of the day
  • it’s what 2 cosmopolitan cities – New York and London – are waging war on

New York /n(y)ōō York/

  • the largest city in the United States located at the mouth of the Hudson River
  • a major financial and cultural center

London /ˈlʌndən/

  • the capital city of England and the United Kingdom
  • the ancient nucleus of the modern metropolis

Coffee Wars Header Image

New York and London at are war!

Say what now? London and New York are at war? But worry not folks, for the war that’s brewing (pun intended) is all about that aromatic black stuff that adds pep to our mornings –coffee!

While we all know that the Big Apple loves it cup of Joe, who would’ve thought that London – more associated with tea- loves coffee too (a whopping 80% of London’s populace drink coffee daily, with 800,000 British adults visiting coffee shops at least four times a week)!

Hence, a fun infographic was created by Tassimo, a UK-based coffee machine-maker, to determine whether New York or London is the city that wins the “coffee wars of 2014”.
The Infographic gives some insights such as to who has the most branded coffee shops in each city – Dunkin’ Donuts for New York and Costa Coffee for London. Latte wins the hearts of Londoners while a saucier espresso perfectly fits in with New Yorkers.

With the average price of coffee in both cities, along with the average number of coffee shops and other important information having to do with taking a cup of coffee in both cities, this infographic might shed some light on both cities’ coffee habits.

Coffe Wars Coffee Comparison Image