Watercolor with no water? Wait, what?

When doing any type of traditional artwork, it is important to have a tool, and a medium, among other things. But in our day and age, with the computers helping people out with even the simplest of tasks, it is now possible to recreate various traditional artwork ‘techniques’ and translate them into digital artworks which are arguably better or equally as good as their traditional counterparts. When it comes to Photoshop brushes, these tools enable digital painting and generally work like any traditional art tool.


Humans in general look for ways to make tasks easier, so it is understandable how there’s this eternal ‘struggle’ to improve and make things more convenient to use. With doing digital artwork via Photoshop, the software has ‘presets’ or ‘brush presets’ that offer a customized style or pattern and size of choice. The software’s many features enable even beginner artists to explore, learn, and slowly unravel the wonders of the service. There could be hundreds of thousands of brush styles available online. These brush sets can either be free to download and use or can be used for a fee. It is fairly easy to look for brushes but finding high-quality brush sets can require a bit of time.


We have taken the time to find and share some high-quality, high-resolution Photoshop brushes that measure at around 1900 px to 2500 px each. The brushes provide the watercolor look without the hassle. Here are some free watercolor brush sets for use with Photoshop, which have been compiled from numerous parts of the Internet. These Photoshop brushes are available in a lot of specifications and looks to help artists create a variety of designs with patterns and effects that work towards making the most eye-catching works of art.


Click here, here, and here to access some of the brushes via bittbox, brushking, and smashingmagazine.