Ways to Help Attract and Maintain Users

One of the secrets to maintaining websites and apps is by making sure that users visit it time and time again. Big names like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat have massive amounts of users who visit their sites every day, and what’s more amazing is that they make it seem so easy.


So, how do they do it? Psychology plays a big factor in engaging users to visit your site. When you learn that designs can have manipulative effect on people of all sorts, you can use that knowledge to help your website generate more views.


Here are some examples of techniques to make your product such a hook:



When people start to become familiar with anything, they get comfortable with it, and with comfort comes trust! Notice that whenever something new is released, it’s not totally “new:” there are still hints of the past, things that people familiarize themselves with.


A good example is when Apple released the very first iPhone, and introduced a whole new concept, a whole new idea, to the world. While it featured new specs like full-on touchscreen and pinch to zoom, it retained old and familiar interface like the virtual keyboard, for users to keep up with the change.


Familiarity provides good connection between your product and its user, especially when it’s just starting out. Don’t let your users feel out of place, let them have something to familiarize themselves with, so they can feel at home with your site or app.



Users, with their short attention span nowadays, tend to rely on websites’ appearance first before reading on its content. Most people trust aesthetics and how it goes well with the content.


Take it the same way as building a brand; consumers will always choose products with beautifully executed designs, because it resembles credibility and better quality.


So when designing your site, consider aesthetics as a major part of attracting your audience. It helps build trust and confidence with your users, and it’s a big boost to make your website last.



Another effective way to attract users is by making them feel like they belong, a sense of self. This is where customization comes in – make your users feel more “at home,” try adding some features that might add a more personal touch to it.


For example, Nike made the option for its consumers to design their custom sneakers, giving them free will to add custom colors to their shoes. This is an effective way of reaching out to your customers because it gives an emotional connection to the customer and the product.



One of the most effective ways to maintaining a brand, or a product, is by staying relevant. Because people always want to take part of something a majority is into, they always give into curiosity. That’s why joining a bandwagon is a common technique for products to stay in the game.


You can emphasize user interactions in your product to suggest that it already has a foundation of followers. Try highlighting the benefits of a particular feature, and how your users benefit from it. Gain in on that, and it can cause popularity, making new users to try and engage with your site or app.



It’s very likely that when someone who has authoritative characteristics told you to do something, you simply follow. And you know what? You can use this as an advantage to your product: you can have that commanding aura and let your users see that you have credibility with your product.


You can make use of infographics and statistics, and other forms of data sharing. Some sites use testimonials and reviews from prominent and credible people and/or institutions. That way, your audience will gain confidence in your product, and may be the step to have more users.


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