Shared Spaces Between Typography and Other Elements

Typography in graphic design isn’t exactly a new trend, but websites nowadays made a trend out of placing typography in shared spaces. The idea is placing typography together with other design elements such as videos and images, or the typography extending to another box. The typography has its own space and also crosses into another space. This usually produces something like a split screen design.


Typography in a shared space seems simple, but layering typography with other elements can be challenging and should be done right.

So how can we achieve this style? Let’s take a look at the following considerations.


Understand How It Works

Know how the trend works and how it applies so you don’t just follow blindly. Combining images and typography together, when done extremely well, guides the page visitor’s eyes to the right information on the page. There are two parts to look at and when these two are combined correctly through the shared space, the user’s eyes follow the design that directs to the important parts. Additionally, the design style creates multiple spaces that make it easier to contain text on the page.


Start with Typography and Images

Perhaps the simplest and easiest to achieve when trying out the shared space design is combining typography and images. Aspect ratios of screens are usually in landscape orientation, and using the typography in shared space style gives designers a chance to use beautiful vertical photos to make an impact.


Explore Dramatic Typefaces

Working with shared spaces can also be made more appealing with the use of interesting lettering. Use big bold typeface across the panels of the page to create an interesting contrast and flair. When doing this style, make sure that the message or headline is a short one, otherwise, the emphasis will be rendered useless on long, overwhelming phrases. Most importantly, ensure the legibility of the text. Pick a typeface that forms a good contrast with the background color and the image. Opt for black or white font color so as not to make the text too terribly outstanding.


Typography and Color

Instead of using images, you can also use colored boxes and other geometric shapes to share a space with typography. This approach can make the page look more vivid and contemporary. Pair colored blocks with type then play around with shading and contrast to make them pop.



Make the page more interactive by adding bits of animation in the logo, in the navigation items, or in action buttons. The shared space trend can make the design look a little busy, and adding animation reinforces focus.



Simple and minimal does not always mean boring. With typography and other elements on shared spaces doing their job to create a visually appealing page, it is best to balance this with a simple framework. Not only the design will look sleek and elegant, but the page will also serve its purpose to its users – to provide a smooth and seamless user interface for better navigation and interaction.


Whatever web and graphic design requirements you need, rely on the expert and professional designers of MicroCreatives to achieve the style and function you desire. Whether trendy or traditional design with a contemporary twist, we have the skills and tools to provide you with unparalleled creative services.