Web Design Trends that will be Obsolete in 2014

The start of a new year warrants new trends that are emerging in the web design world. More people need to discuss the types of trends that are slowly disappearing as 2014 approaches. Maryam Taheri lists a number of designs that are quickly going out of style. Most are due to bad designs, but some are dying out because of too much exposure and usage in 2013.


Homepage Sliding Banners

These prominent banners used to be the go-to choice for displaying images. They have eye-catching colors, are very informative and they seem to be interactive. A lot of people think of homepage sliding banners as distractions, so they are being replaced by other more interactive and simpler designs, such as single-page scrolling and simple drop-down menus.


Homepage Sliding Banners image


Extensive Fill-Out Forms

Online businesses usually require the user’s information- whether you’re managing an e-commerce site or a blog with a contact form. A page full of questions and optional areas are quickly dwindling down as more site owners are considering the fact that asking a lot of questions usually just alienates potential customers.


Extensive Fill-Out Forms image



Circular Script Logos


Script fonts within circles that are either outlined or filled in was considered hip but it is another trend that is slowly being ignored in favor of other designs. This particular may become cool again someday, but for 2014, it’s safe to assume that most designers will avoid circular script logos.


Circular Script Logo image



Flash Intros


There are still some websites that use flash intros to catch the attention of visitors but most site owners have adapted more minimalist designs and simpler features. It’s fine to use videos- flash made it possible to use them, after all- but visitors are usually annoyed by the music and videos, wanting instead to be in control when they are surfing.


Flash Intros image


Too Many Fonts

Typography is a significant and fun factor in design, but designers need to show restraint when choosing and using typefaces on business cards, logos, and websites. When someone without graphic design experience develops a site, the look tends to be complicated due to several different fonts. Even newbies can learn to tone down their usage of fonts- opt to use no more than two or three fonts at a time.


Too Many Fonts image



Complicated Design


While various icons, design elements, fonts and features denote an exciting and interactive site, the end result is hectic and confusing. Design trends evolve and with 2014 fast-approaching, designers are opting for a simpler and user-friendly browsing experience.


Discussions regarding the highly anticipated trends of 2014 are active, but it is important to note future design styles. Although some of the features used to be popular, total saturation has led to fatigue. Take note of over-used design trends in 2014- they might be in the list of web design trends that will be obsolete in 2015.