Well-Matched Typography Engages More Users

Well-written web content deserves to be seen by all visitors to a website. There are times when this does not happen, however, as visitors often measure the value of a website with its appearance. The better everything looks from the headings to the contact page, the more visitors will spend the time to scroll the web pages. This shows how important it is to weigh every element – font size and styles included – to appeal to the aesthetic sense of the target audience.

Typography has a Role

The way the letters look on a website influences the perception of a visitor. The straight and rigid form of the ‘Times New Roman’ and other related font styles such as ‘Arial’, ‘Calibri’, and ‘Verdana’ makes one think of newspapers and other formal prints. These adds to the authoritative stance of academic websites when it comes to publishing information. It is a different thing, however, when one is involved in the entertainment industry where bright colors and informal font styles must be used to attract attention.

Choose the Right Styles

One of the rules of typography is to mix and match related font styles so they look symmetrical. Each font style goes well with a certain type and then fail to fit with others. This does not necessarily happen within fonts in the same category, however. One will see this in the Gothic script family:

Each type does not correspond with the first font face. This makes it important for web designers to check the appearance of the fonts they will use. Choosing the styles that fit together will make the web pages look uniform and better-looking than a hodge-podge selection of fonts.

Make the Right Impression

A business or organization hoping to win their visitors over with a finely-designed website will enable them to emphasize a certain marketing image. Planning each step of web design with the marketing team will generate various choices in the type of fonts to be used. Doing this properly will affect the online presence and engage those who visit the site.

Type Genius

Type Genius, a website created by design agency Muno Creative, is a great tool to help designers come up with the perfect pair of typefaces. Just select fonts from the drop-down list and the website will generate a collection of typefaces that would match the selected fonts. Not only the website saves time, it also suggests great combinations that designers can take note of.