What Do Pokémon GO and Design Revisions Have In Common? Apparently, A Lot

“I wanna be the very best,” according to the beginning of the Pokémon theme song. And who doesn’t want to be? But just recently, the massively popular video game franchise’s theme song just got very literal with the advent of the Pokémon GO mobile game. It’s impossible to avoid this new phenomenon, which completely took over the world.


If you happen to be aware of how the game works (or if you are currently consumed by catching Pokémon yourself), you might notice some similarities Pokémon GO shares with design revisions. Yup, that thing that’s almost omnipresent in the process of creating designs that if your output turns out to be revision-free, it’s as rare an occasion as catching an Articuno, a Zapdos, or Moltres (which, as of writing, haven’t been caught yet).


Illustrator Caisa Nilaseca broke down these similarities between Pokémon GO and design revisions for DesignTAXI: