What’s in an Effective Product Page Design?

E-retail websites make shopping more convenient. Websites like eBay, Amazon, Zalora, and Lazada are some examples of e-retailers that provide customers a unique and more convenient shopping experience in the comfort of their own home. Many established brands are also adapting to the digital craze because of the benefits it offers not only to them but to their customers as well.


The major factor that affects the success of an online shop is the product page. A product page with a visually effective layout and typography attracts more viewers and prospects and is more likely to prompt them to make a purchase.


Ensure that your content is in the spotlight and is visually perceived. For product pages, it is important that the design guides the users to the right places. Below are three ways to keep your product page design effective and make the important parts stand out.


Use contrast

Guide the users’ eyes by adding contrast to the design. Highlighting the ones they should see first, and then gradually guiding them to the product specifics and the CTA can influence their purchasing decision.


Whether it is on the page layout, the placement of the images, or the colors of the buttons, web designers need to make sure that utilization of contrast should be in a good flow. Drawing their attention to the right information can avoid users from being distracted and overwhelmed.

Eliminate distractions

Help users know what it’s in it for them by removing unnecessary information. You only have a few seconds to grasp their attention; make it count by providing them relevant information.

Unrelated ads and landing pages can extract the users’ attention from the focus product. Removing unnecessary content highlights what the users should be seeing. An uncluttered product page also represents a sense of professionalism.


Identify strategic locations

Eye-tracking studies have shown that many people are more likely attracted to content placed on the upper left and modified center of the screen. Therefore it is much favorable to put essential components in those areas.


But part of being a smart web designer is to make use of all the spaces provided for the design and to make for a pleasurable and functional site. Exploring on page layout can do wonders for your product page. It can open windows of idea on how to lucidly allocate space for content and create a balance in the eyes of your users. Experiment and you may see that small information and buttons can be balanced with a striking product image when cleverly placed, and so on.


By using contrast to your advantage, giving your consumers what they want and need, and properly allocating space can assure the users’ eyes will hit its target and get to its destination.



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