When Two Fruits are Better than One: The Fruit Mashup

“To promote the ultimate blender, we created the ultimate blended fruit. Literally.”

Philips has teamed up with Ogilvy and a molecular gastronomist Clecia Ribeiro to create a single fruit with two different fruit flavors to promote their new Walita Avance blender. These new fruits are namely the pinegrape (pineapple with grape flavor), bananaberry (bananas with strawberry flavor) and kiwigerine (kiwi with tangerine flavor).  The concept of this video is that you can create the same fruits by blending them together in a juice using Philips Walita Avance blender at home. In order to find out the reaction of the people to these fruity creations, they brought them to a fruit market setting in order to stir some buzz with customers.

Watch the video here.

Bring In Interest To Your Equation

Just like in the video, the reactions were explosive to these new fruits as every single customer was amazed with how one can oddly taste like another. They are stunned as to how they made these “Frankenstein fruits” and were exclaiming “It is so good. Is this real?” and “How did you do this?”.

Of course the answer is not easy as it also proceeds to a scientific explanation of combining blended fruit juice with another fruit. But an easier way of achieving this is by simply using Philips Walita Avance blender. Make new flavors by combining different fruits and blending them together. Simple as that and you can do it in the comfort of your home.



Let’s take it from Philips on how we can also promote a product creatively:

  1. Invent and create something new and buzz-worthy to support your product.
  2. Bring it to an open place and find out the public’s reaction to it.
  3. Let the people ask questions.
  4. Then provide an attainable answer by using your product.


This creative way of promoting the Philips Walita Avance blender works as it successfully got great reactions through a creative and unique way of combining flavors and stressing that you can do this yourself.