Why Follow: Tasty Social Media Content for Your Hungry Followers



Don’t deny it: you follow brands on Facebook or Twitter.  It could be a product, a television show, a sports team, or even a support group. Social media has opened new possibilities for consumers to connect with brands. It’s enabled us to deepen our relationships with things which we like and receive content which we don’t just get from patronizing their products or services.


If you’re thinking of putting up a social media account for your business, here’s a list of five things that your audience would gladly see from you.


Share content from your followers

Remember when you were a kid and you decided to write a sappy love letter to Bon Jovi, and your parents promised you that they’d send that letter straight to him? These days, there’s really a way for fans to send their fan-made content to brands that they like. Fans would like to see that you acknowledge what they do for you and that there’s a possibility that their content could pop up on your page.


Take your fans behind the scenes

It’s cool to buy and interact with the finished product—but it’s also cool to see how it’s made and where it comes from. Give your fans backstage passes and let them see products as they’re being made, or allow them to see actors and actresses in between takes. True fans will always want to go beyond the surface.


Go viral

Share content that your audience would want to share with their own audiences. Post something that your followers would want to tell their friends or relatives about.  Post a quotable quote or an exciting promo. Post a rare photo of your brand or business. Get creative.


Exclusive content on different channels

Don’t post the same content on all social media channels. Consider posting something exclusive to one channel, so that your fans feel like following you on all your accounts.


Let your fans interact

Post social media content that your fans can take part in, like a poll, a contest, or a game. You can also opt to give out prizes for participating. This will reinforce the idea that your fans get something tangible out of following you.