Why People Follow Your Brands On Social Media

In our world today where every hashtag, like, and trendiness is taken into account, brands are doing what it takes for them to be relevant online. Constant social media posts ranging from basic photos of products to advertorials about their services accompanied by unique tags are some ways they keep their social media pages updated. And these types of digital content help brands get noticed and gain more followers.


In 2017, there are about 2.80 billion social media users globally. 95% of adults aged18-34 are likely to follow your brand on social media. While we’re on the subject of brand following, does it ever cross your mind why people follow brands on social media platforms? Let’s narrow down the reasons and identify what you can do to increase your brand’s followers as well.


Sales Promotion

Gone are the days where sale announcements are only seen in store windows and prints. Social media platforms offer a cheaper alternative to getting the word out to the public. Most of the people today are on their phones and it is more likely that they will stumble upon your announcements through the internet and social media. Giving your consumers an opportunity to participate in promos improves sales rates and strengthens your business confidence.


Brand Relevance

People are following your social media pages because they can relate to your brand and your content. They follow you because the things you offer are in line with their interests or you provide solutions to their problems. When people follow brands on social media, they want to let other people know that they use and trust your brand. They associate themselves with your brand.


Entertaining Content

These days, people browse their social media feed to pass the time. The brands that people follow on social media contains content pieces that are engaging. Silly puns, memes, videos, and GIFs are used by brands to call the attention of their followers. It’s a fun and unique way to show your brand’s personality and a great tool to widen your brand’s following.


New Learnings

Social media offers a platform for learning. Apart from looking for good deals, people also learn from social media content. Whether it is an infographic on how to keep our body healthy or a one-minute video about a product and its numerous uses, there are a lot of ideas how you can make your social media page an educational tool. People follow brands not only to keep themselves updated, but also to know the benefits they can get both from your content and your products or services.


Contests and Giveaways

What’s crazier than sales and discounts? Freebies, of course! Avid followers always want to gain more and save more. Many brands are now getting into the trend of using their social media pages as their tools to hold contests and announce giveaways. These are great loyalty rewards for your customers and social media followers. From uploading photos featuring your product to using unique hashtags in their posts, giving your followers a chance to win free stuff and join your contest can create a buzz in the social media world and is a great marketing tool.


Customer Support

One of the best things about social media is that it allows everyone to be heard. The comments, likes or reactions, shares, and retweets represent your relevance and how your audience feels about your brand, your message, and your offerings. Businesses use analytics of their social media performance to determine the route their brand should take and what to improve on. Encourage your audience to post questions and feedback on your brand through the comment section and direct messaging. Your social media pages serve as convenient communications channels that are accessible anytime and anywhere.


Exclusive Information

Your social media pages can provide your customers additional benefits beyond what your products and services offer. Use your social media pages to show exclusive behind the scenes content or supplementary information that goes with using your products. Your avid followers also want to be the first to know about upcoming events and launches. They can choose to turn on their notifications for every content you post, so make sure to release valuable content that is worth the notifs.



Today, the power of social media is undeniably strong and fast-changing. It is the voice of our customers and it’s our quickest intel into knowing what they think about our brand. Sure, having a large number of following is beneficial. But maintaining your relevance and expanding your reach is a different story.


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