Why use video to make your brand stand out?

According to Cisco, expect video to account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017. In every month there are about one billion unique users that watch videos from YouTube alone. Like photographs and illustrations, content accompanied with or contained within a video attracts more attention than a long text post, especially for readers who have little time to read. Pictures and videos are the more effective storytelling format as they transcend language barriers, conveying a message through visual representation.


Now that technology is constantly updating and improving, different types and sizes of mobile devices that support video streaming powered by fast Internet connections are a thing now, making YouTube and other video content accessible and viewable anytime, anywhere. It has become a trend now for content marketing strategies to include video marketing to conform to the growing demand.


If your current content marketing strategy to create brand awareness is already successful, why use video to make your brand stand out? You may be hesitant to go this route, but here are some more reasons to prove that making the move is worth the risk. After all, change is the only constant thing in life; if you don’t go with the change, you may eventually be left behind.

  1. Videos help with increasing the chances of your content being found online.
    SEO helps content to be found online, and videos will surely drive organic traffic to your website. This is because Google ranks pages with videos around 58 times higher than pages with regular, static content.
  2. Videos help with communicating your brand values.
    Videos give your brand a face and a voice, and even one that your customers can identify with. Videos also have the potential to personalize your brand, as well as to engage your audience. By giving your brand a personality, you let your brand convey enough emotion and information to send a meaningful message.
  3. Videos are instantly responsive.
    Video streaming platforms like YouTube and Vine allows videos to be responsive, which means they can be played on all devices. These platforms will ensure that your videos will not be cropped, reduced, or illegible when viewed on laptop, smartphone, or tablet.
  4. Videos remove the fluff and are easily green lighted.
    Videos are unlike written content in a sense where it doesn’t go through a lot of stages of how it should be written. You also don’t have to beat around the bush and just focus on the main message, which is downright product placement. Most of the time, marketers just agree on the key message and a loose storyboard, and entrust the video production to the experts where the final cut is most likely something that can easily blow people away.
  5. Videos are easily reusable, more clickable, and shareable.
    Videos prove to be the perfect type of content that can be reusable as an embedded content or as a stand-alone content in different types of media such as blogs, social media, and newsletters. Furthermore, a video thumbnail with a play button is enough call-to-action that entices you to click. An eye-mapping study of SEO video proved that consumers are more attracted to video listings, with about 92% of mobile video viewers sharing videos online.

Need more convincing? Creative Market provides more reasons for you to jump on the video marketing bandwagon and not get left behind. If you are hesitant to try out it as you don’t know where or how you can produce high quality video with compelling content, feel free to contact MicroCreatives to learn more about our video and motion graphics services. You may provide your own content or message or trust our creative writers to collaborate with our graphic artists to come up with a meaningful and captivating message or concept.