Yes to Creativity, No to Tech?

Are you feeling a bit overstimulated from all the tech devices or gadgets that surround you? In Paris, there is a creativity space that aims to bring back the times when people just let their minds wander and actually come up with creative and brilliant ideas out of the blue. Seymour+, launched by Seymour Projects has designed a space in the center of Paris, France, to “help individuals cultivate creative self-expression by encouraging them to balance technological stimuli with internal exploration.” Tech-free zones used to be abundant but due to the technological boom and with almost everything going online, it’s almost impossible to find just the right amount of silence to get your brain working like it’s supposed to, that is… without all the unnecessary signals and information coming in through various devices.


Seymour+ believes it is the “protector of your mind, and defender of your inner spark.” These “creative spaces” enable its visitors to let their minds lose and be free by quite possibly eliminating all of the external distractions and influences such as phones, computers, among other technological devices, as long as they are within the area. Along with the devices, visitors are also not permitted to have books and magazines when within the space. When inside, Seymour+ can be divided into five “interactive environments”, all serving as a proactive space where ideally, ideas will flow. The spaces feature many seating areas to cater to a number of visitors from all around the area.





At present, Seymour+ only caters to adults who are looking for things that are considered valuable in our day and age, Peace and Quiet. Be prepared to have your “thoughts, imagination, and intuition” stimulated with every visit. The visitors of Seymour+ are only allowed to have a pencil and paper to jot down notes with, just in case overflowing ideas get hard to remember.