Guest Posting Guidelines

Want to get featured? Read our guidelines below.

Writing for MicroCreatives

In the world of MicroCreatives, we strive to share to the interweb our creative juices. We are a full-service creative design agency in the Philippines that provides offshore creative design services to big and small brands and agencies around the world.

We reach out to creative designers, intelligent writers, reliable animators, and quick developers by sharing our thoughts and ideas on trends and recent news in the creative industry. Proclaiming ourselves as talented monsters who are energetic and aggressive, we see to it that we will not just spark an idea, but also make an impact in our industry.

You Should Write for Us

We want to hear from you. Not just any you, but the ‘you’ that strives to make an impact in the creative world. The you that knows what you are talking about, backed up by facts. The you that can share insightful old and new experiences. We are calling out to you — designers, writers, animators, and developers that can’t shut up about what they are passionate about.

What Should You Write for Us

Contribute content that you believe will help our readers be better in their respective fields. We’re dying to read content that gives fact-based arguments, new trends, and mind-boggling discoveries.

Share quality and insightful content about:

  • Print and Digital Design
  • Copywriting
  • Animation
  • Video
  • WordPress Development

We do not accept content like:

  • Press Releases
  • Pornographic content
  • Drug-related content

You have loads of ideas you want to share with the world. That’s awesome! Here in MicroCreatives, we believe in giving everyone equal opportunity. To execute that, we limit one submission per guest monster. Take your time and explore our blog page. Get a vibe on how we write things around here.

So if you think you’re the right guest monster for us, continue scrolling down for our rules in Guest Posting.

What and Where to Submit

  1. Send an email to In the subject line, write “I want to be a guest monster.” This is the first step to assuring us that you mean serious business and you’re not just some troll on the internet.
  2. Start off by pitching to us the top three blog topics you think can be most valuable to our readers. Go back to the list of content we want to read from you. Don’t forget to review our blog to avoid repetition of topics.
  3. After you send us your pitch, give us three days to respond to you. If after three days, you don’t hear from us, it means your blog topics need more fine-tuning. When we respond to you, we’ll tell you the best topic out of your list so you can go ahead and preach to us your ideas.
  4. Great! Your topic is approved. Here are our guidelines on how to make your content the fairest of them all.
    1. Format – Give us 700-800 words that encapsulate your ideas. Make sure to submit it in a Word Document file. We will not accept submissions in a PDF file.
    2. Image – Include one that’s royalty-free. After all, a picture can speak a thousand words or more.
    3. Backlinks – We welcome external links that are credible. It should serve as an additional resource to our readers. Only one dofollow link from a non-promotional link will be tagged in the body. Compensation in writing for MicroCreatives comes in the form of backlinks because we all know the power of SEO in the Digital Marketing world. One dofollow link to your blog, Twitter handle, or any social media account will be included in your Author Bio.
    4. Author Bio – Share two-three sentences about you. Tell our readers who you are.
  5. Finally, submit your article to the same email thread where you first emailed us your pitch. Take note that your submission does not guarantee that we will post it. Give us time to review it. We will respond to you if we want to accept or reject your submission. We will only accept original and unique content.
  6. MicroCreatives has the right to edit external links that are spammy and inappropriate to the post. Once you submit your content, it becomes our property. Don’t forget to interact with our readers in the comment section. You can comment as guest but please introduce yourself. Let’s promote a healthy discussion.

To all the aspiring guest monsters out there, we hope to hear from you soon!