Three engagement models to choose from to fit your creative project needs.

Dedicated Staff


A MicroCreatives monster that will work exclusively on your project? No problem! Our Dedicated Staff leasing option is available for seasonal work or an agreed-upon schedule that you can conveniently arrange with us. We provide discounted rates, inclusive of all management staff support such as creative direction and QA check.

Leasing A Monster

Under the Dedicated Staff model, you immediately get a designer, a developer, a copywriter, or an animator without having to go through the hassles of recruitment. On top of that, you don’t have to pay for software or for administrative fees – you get support from our creative director and QA specialist.


No matter the scale and volume of your creative project, you can opt to have a dedicated MicroCreatives monster to work for you for a set period of time. We had clients who required dedicated staff for a year; some for six months. These projects include designing and developing a website from scratch, animating videos for presentation, and writing articles with a daily quota.


You can also have dedicated staff under various contractual arrangements – it can be monthly, weekly, or even daily. Our processes are flexible to adapt to your requirements and to your own processes. If you only require a dedicated staff for only four or two hours a day for a whole week or a month, it can also be arranged. Moreover, being a full-service creative agency allows us to offer you a complete set of creatives – you can choose to hire a team of designers, developers, animators, or writers, or hire a whole team consisting of all verticals.

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