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Start with a single project or grow a team to work remotely with you.

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Customizable processes tailored to work with your company’s local operations.

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Striking design solutions to give your business an edge over your competitors.

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Powered by MicroSourcing, one of the top outsourcing companies in the Philippines.

Our Services

Creative work for SMEs from different parts of the globe.

Graphic Design
Web Development
CreAtive Writing

How We Work

Four steps to your own creative solution.

1 Discovery

Our creative briefs are designed to capture important details about your brand and your objectives. Send over accomplished briefs through email, request a callback, or schedule a consultation so we have the ammo to successfully communicate your message to your customers.

graphic design
creative writing
animation services
web development

design philippines

2 Proposal

With the details we’ve gathered, you receive a proposal based on one of our Pricing models. This is where we agree on the scope of work, the timeline, resources and manpower, as well as the cost.

3 Execution

Upon approval, the project is scheduled for production. Assets, such as brand guidelines, logos, and existing content, are turned over to your assigned staff. We regularly coordinate with you for updates, so you will always know how your project is progressing.

design philippines

4 Delivery

With your thumbs up, we sign-off on the project, close out for billing, and all deliverables are submitted to you.

Pricing that Works for You

Choose from three pricing models – by the hour, an agreed flat rate, or lease a monster!

MicroCreatives | Chess Pawn

Hourly Rate

Pay only for actual time spent with fully transparent time tracking and task recording. Time sheets are always available for your review upon request.Explore  

MicroCreatives | Rag Doll

Project Rate

A flat-rate pricing model to include all requirements in your creative brief and specifications. Available for one-time or recurring projects.Explore  

MicroCreatives | Pink Bunny

Dedicated Staff

Guarantee uninterrupted service by booking a monster exclusively for pre-set terms: two weeks, two months, or even two years!Explore  

Meet the Monsters

Creative designers, intelligent writers, reliable animators, and quick developers.

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