4 Types of Projects for Your Design Portfolio

Does your design portfolio showcase your capabilities? Are you sure everything in your portfolio is enough for you to wow your potential clients and employers? With so many graphic designers nowadays, standing out is a tough job. Luckily, you can always take a look back at your portfolio to ensure that you have your ‘A’ game.


When you have a ton of options to pick from, choosing could be a huge dilemma. Here’s what you should do when you go through all of your projects – categorize them into the ones that you’re proud of and those that you aren’t so confident in. From the stack of projects that you consider you’re proud of, pick a few which you consider as your greatest works. Make sure it falls in any of the categories below. If it doesn’t, then there’s probably no need to add it in the portfolio.


Your Strongest Piece

Make your potential client or employer want to look through the rest of your portfolio by having an intriguing opening. Put your best foot forward with the best piece that you have. And when we say you should put your best foot forward, we mean stepping up with a work that received stellar reviews and high praises. With a highly praised piece, you can make a stunning first impression that would keep them wanting to know more of what you have in store.


Something Unique and Creative

Now that you’ve grabbed their attention, please them with your most creative piece! Present them with a work that not only stands out, make sure it screams unique in every way as well. This will tell them how capable you are of coming up with original ideas that they would want to see more of what you can do.


Something Trendy

As fast as the industry goes, so should you. Impress your potential client or employer with a portfolio that keeps up with the trends. Don’t include anything that’s more than three years old! Let them know of your flexibility to keep up with the fast-paced industry. Present them with quality and up-to-date pieces that will keep them hooked.


Diverse Works

Sticking to a single type of skill is okay, but if you want to make it more extra, add in some of your quality work in other categories as well! You could add any of your photographs, illustrations, or any graphic design project that you know will help you up your game. Let them know that you have more than what it takes to be their next employee or designer.


If you’re thinking about how many is too little or too much in curating your portfolio, remember to go for quality and not quantity, as long as you are able to showcase your talent and versatility.


Have you looked back at your portfolio yet? Do you have everything that makes it a competitive one? Share with us what else you think would make your portfolio stand out in the comments below.