Infographic on How Graphic Design has Changed Over Time

Have you ever wondered how graphic designs have evolved through time? Before that, what is graphic design, exactly? Graphic design shows a way of communicating which involves styles that efficiently use spaces, images, and typefaces, aimed at achieving the message pointed at a target audience.

To utilize designs, most of the time, graphic designers are known to create with the use of words, various images and symbols to produce a visual representation of combined ideas and messages.

Keeping the same visual representation in mind, Pop Chart Lab, a website that has mastered the infographics trend and has aimed to render charts of all human experiences, has created a chart titled, “A Stylistic Survey of Graphic Design”, that shows the progressive nature of graphic design starting from the Victorian era towards our more modern digital age.

Infographic on Graphic Design Evolution

Highlighting close to 200 years of graphic design history, the chart is a hand-illustrated, two-toned diagram that shows different trends over the years such as Art Nouveau, Modern, Late Modern, Postmodern, Art Deco, and Digital, to name a few. It comes signed and numbered by the artists, on an 18” by 24” 100 lb. archival recycled stock, certified by The Forest Stewardship Council, pressed on an offset lithography press with vegetable-based inks.

Fetching for a pre-order price of US$23, or for a regular price of US$29, the chart can be obtained from the Pop Chart Lab website; an amazing collector’s chart for design aficionados. Think you’re missing a part of design history? Grab hold of this one of a kind chart and fill your need for interesting and “thought-provoking” designs dating back as old as the 1820s.

A perfect way to describe this design is, it’s easily one of the most intelligent, aesthetically pleasing and memorable charts you’ll lay your eyes on.