An Infographic on How to Take Better Selfies!

Nowadays, infographics provide a simpler and easier way to share information. Through well thought out imagery, information is presented in a visually engaging manner to attract as well as inform a larger audience.

Everyone knows what a selfie is but in a once-in-a-million chance that someone doesn’t know, a selfie is a photograph that one has taken of oneself with a camera/smartphone, which is then uploaded to a social media website or kept for safe keeping and what have you.

Adorama, a photographic services equipment provider, came up with tips and tricks on how to take a better selfie via infographic. The infographic provides easy to follow tips and tricks along with apps to make the experience even more unforgettable.


An Infographic on How to Take Better Selfies


According to Adorama, selfies are criticized for their narcissistic implications. It is better to take a selfie when there’s a reason behind a selfie – for example, you love how your makeup looks that day, you get to meet your buddy for the first time in so long, or basically any momentous occasion you feel like documenting, really!

A few details to take into account when taking selfies is the way you take your photos which include, symmetry, lighting, background, among others. When you’ve got the basics done it’s easier to move on to the more technical part of taking selfies which include using apps. You may think that photo apps just take pictures but some phone applications such as EyeEm and Frontback, are not quite like the others. EyeEm, lets users sell their pictures via the app, while Frontback, makes use of both the front and back cameras for an interesting contrast, letting viewers see what the user is looking at as well as the their reaction.