Animation Showreels: Dos and Don’ts

So you’ve painstakingly accomplished various animation projects, arming you with a fantastic portfolio that all you need to do is to flaunt to potential, even your dream, employer. Easy? It can be if you know what and what not to do.


You are, first and foremost, selling your work and that requires a fair amount of great marketing, so to speak. When it comes to this trade, in particular, it comes in the form of animation showreels. You are highlighting your best work as much as you can under a limited timeframe. So how do you do it? Allison Rutland from the renowned Pixar film studio shares the elements that make an effective and eye-catching showreel.



  • Show your BEST work – combine animation from your personal tests and studio work
  • Include a range of work that showcases acting and physical animation
  • When it comes to dialogue tests, include uncommon dialogues, not the lines that are usually used in animation tests
  • Include a bit of blank space in-between animation pieces
  • Try to keep the overall reel under three minutes (or less)
  • Use music that will not overpower the dialogue



  • Avoid fillers
  • No loud and distracting music
  • Veer away from the music video technique: avoid showing only pieces, instead of a full-length scene

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