Best Adobe Illustrator Brushes to Add to Your Library

If you haven’t already, make your Adobe Illustrator projects easier with the help of some of the best and hottest Illustrator brushes available for free download. Much better than pre-built layouts and simple textures, brushes can do so much more on vector illustrations. Five of the best Adobe Illustrator brushes are available for free download below. Just save the brushes to your Creative Cloud library if you’re using Adobe Illustrator CC, CC2014, or CC2015. The Creative Cloud library lets you access the brushes anytime, anywhere. When needed, there is also the Brush CC tool which lets you define and share artwork in the form of brushes straight from your iOS devices.

  1. Floral Vector and Brush Pack
    Floral Vector and Brush Pack
    This pack is free for both personal and commercial use. Made available through Stock Graphic Designs’ website, the pack has a wide selection of florals to add to the default free florals that ship with Illustrator. The pack also includes a set of EPS.
  2. Fur Illustrator Brushes
    Fur Illustrator Brushes
    Free to download from Mels Brushes, the brush set includes eight fur or hairy brushes that work best when built up and when used with different tones for a better effect. The set is free but only for personal use. If you wish to use these brushes for commercial purposes, you need to buy a license.
  3. Abstract Brushes
    Abstract Brushes
    Best for crazy and fun projects, these free abstract brushes from alethiologie on DeviantArt offers a brush set that creates pretty abstract shapes and patterns when used properly.
  4. Stipple Shading Brushes
    Stipple Shading Brushes
    This brush set is free for personal use, but it is best to get in touch with designer Chris Spooner when wanting to use commercially. Chris Spooner has a great collection of tutorials and free resources with his stipple shading brushes offering eight stipple shading and scatter brushes for creative shading. If needed, Spooner has a mini-tutorial that shows how to work well with the brushes to achieve the best effect.
  5. Paper Tooth Brushes
    Paper Tooth Brushes
    Available from Equal and Opposite for free, the paper tooth brushes offer a barely-there ragged edge, among other effects, to create an authentic ‘paper’ feel to your vector illustrations.

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