Bring Your Designs to Life with These Free High Quality PSD Mock-ups

Sometimes presenting your design studies in slideshows and videos just isn’t enough. Your clients can visualize your ideas more clearly if you can present them in a realistic scenario. In that way, they will have an idea on how the final output will feel and look like. This can also get you more chances of improving your works aesthetically, adding value and professionalism. Plus, adjustments and modifications will come easier.

To help you come up with a visually pleasing and more effective mock-up design presentation, here is a collection of high quality PSD mock-ups for print designs. They are free for you to utilize and make the most out of.


Business Card Mock-up


Wooden Business Cards


Colorful Business Cards


Realistic Business Card


Business Card 3D Mock-up


Creative Business Card Vol 2


Translucent Business Card


Logo Mock-up


Painted Wood Logo


Engraved Wood Logo


3D Wall Logo


3D Wooden Logo


Cutout Logo


Leather Stamping Logo


Silver Stamping Logo


Gold Stamping Logo


Letterpress Logo


Window Signage


Poster Mock-up













Brochures Mock-up


Corporate Tri Fold Brochure Template




Magazine Mock-up


Photorealistic Magazine Mock-up


Magazine Cover


Opened Magazine


Packaging Mock-up






Wine Bottle


Chocolate Packaging


Coffee Cup


Product Box


Soda Can


Vinyl Record


T-Shirt Mock-up


T-Shirt Mock-up Using SmartObject


Hoodie Template




Brand Identity Mock-up


Stationery – Wood Edition


Corporate Identity


Presentation Folder