Bringing Your Copy to Life

Living in the day and age of social media, people can now get the chance to take on the role of a journalist, with the wide range of accessible information as well as tools and platforms available to online users, or those who have been coined as netizens. As long as it’s published on the internet, everyone can read your story and share it to others. But the question is: is your audience interpreting your message as you meant it?


Businesses today are finding ways to get audience engaged to what you’re selling and make sure that the message is received. What matters is what you say, what you really mean, how to say it, and the benefits both the readers and the business will be receive.


Lucky for businesses out there, it’s us you need; MicroCreatives is here to help you build your stories and create copies that would reflect the company’s style, personality, and vision. Here are the things we keep in mind in bringing our copies to life.


Storytelling or Concept

One of the main problems is how to catch people’s attention. Creating a concept for your copy will help you in making a better storytelling process. In choosing a concept, you should consider what you are writing about. Think of the relevance, their connection, in order to generate an eye-catching copy.


Another thing to put your focus on is the headline. No matter how compelling and promising the copy is, if it has a poor constructed headline, the copy is usually ignored. So make sure that the headline for the copy will exude curiosity and interest.


It may sound very gimmicky, but people eat first with their eyes. Even the way the copy look should entice people to read the copy. Concept for the storytelling holds the key for your copy’s success since it needs to be read first.



After getting the reader’s attention, it is now the perfect time for you to say what you want. For the little span of time they are offering you their attention, your copy’s substance matters. It is the core, the nucleus of what the copy is for.


Information should be conveyed with clarity; it should be direct to what you were saying. Your words and ideas must remain on your reader’s head to determine the success of your copy.



This one is a bit crucial, because they may read the copy but not receive the message you were try to get across. Words have meanings and may change depending on the way they are delivered.


Do an extensive research about your audience. Know what they like, the things they do, their personalities, and their surroundings. You may base the tone or theme of the copy on the factors related to the audience. Use a voice that speaks to them and triggers their wants. From that point the copy is alive.



Lastly, what you really want to say should reflect on the benefits that the readers will get. You may put your copy to test by asking “Why should people read this?” and for your end “What will be the thoughts of the reader after reading this copy?” and “What will I or the business gain after people read this?”


Again, words have meanings and people have different ways of interpreting them. You have the opportunity to manipulate what they could get through giving life to your copy. What is highly important as a writer is to enlighten readers through your copy. Make them real and you’ll be rewarded with something bigger that you expect.