Brochure Marketing: What You Need to Know

You may be wondering; how and why are brochures still used in this day and age when almost everything can be found online? Well, brochures provide what online advertisements can’t, and that’s tangibility. Nothing beats the feeling of something in your hand ready to provide information while also good to save for future reference.


According to Professor Ian Cross from Bentley University in Massachusetts through this published research on tourists, visitors, and brochures, titled, “Brochure Distribution Research, Summer 2016,” print media remains to be the preferred method of in-market visitors when seeking information.” When simplified, the study states that:

  • Brochures (with maps and guides) are the top in-market influencers.
  • Brochures influence visitors of all ages.
  • Brochures are always shared with one or more people.
  • Brochures make people aware of a business (or service).

What Does Brochure Marketing Offer?

  1. Flexibility – Brochures fit a variety of marketing opportunities. They are perfect hand-outs during or after events and presentations to complement your pitch. Brochures can also be tailor-made to include information to be distributed to the media or through marketing kits.
  2. Affordability – Compared to other forms of marketing, brochures are cheaper and better since they are reusable. Depending on the brochures used and templates purchased, you can customize again and again to fit your current and future marketing strategies.

Designing a Brochure

Designing your brochure definitely has a big effect on business, leads, and reputation. The brochure works as a brief reflection of your company, the brand, and what you believe in. Know that brochures need to be clear-cut, somewhat brief, and super persuasive without being annoying. Designing can be tricky especially when you want to get more clients.

  • Don’t rely too much on typography – As pretty as it looks, typography should be used sparingly. When designing a brochure, sometimes less is more, so no need to use fonts that are too fancy or obscure (these can end up being annoying). The best fonts to use should be readable and legible; and you don’t need a lot, just enough to work with the heading, subheadings and body copy.
  • Split content into sizable chunks – Also known as content chunking, you can divide/split brochure content into sections of copy to improve readability. It also lets the target audience scan and digest parts better.
  • Use high-quality photos – Using images and photos are highly effective when included in digital or print marketing. According to a report by HubSpot, relevant images get double the views than those without them. The key word here is ‘relevant’, this isn’t the time to use stock photos that don’t have anything to do with your product and/or service.
  • Pay attention to geometry – Shapes can improve your brochure layout when used for callouts, call to action, along with interesting/important information like phone numbers, email addresses, company name, etc. Geometric shapes can help highlight information and be memorable through the clean, precise lines of the shapes.

Things You Need to Know About Brochure Marketing

The brochure works as a direct link to new customers who will help your business strive. How you tailor your brochure copy may affect how you get your potential customer’s attention, how you persuade, and how to make final sales. You need to:

  1. Address your target market’s main concerns.
  2. Use plain language when possible.
  3. Present organized content.
  4. Personalize your brochure approach.

In conclusion, brochure marketing can help with achieving the brand’s goals. Most of the time when a brand wants the target audience to easily recall information about them, they stick with traditional advertising. What sets traditional advertising apart is how it can be saved and looked at even after a while. Especially with brochures (and flyers), these can easily be pulled out as a reference when needed. You shouldn’t be restricted and think that digital marketing is the only way to go; traditional advertising through its tangible, printed media is still, and will remain effective!


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Reference: Creative Market