Character Spacing in All Caps Headings

We use text in all caps on words and phrases that should be emphasized. Titles and headings are almost always in all caps to stand out from regular body text. But sometimes, words in all caps can also be hard to read. They catch the reader’s attention, but the letters may appear indistinct.


When are Words in All Caps Easy to Read?

When a title or heading only consists of one to two words, then readers wouldn’t have a problem reading it. Few words are quicker to read and therefore there’s not much to comprehend. Words in all caps that are in large size are also always easy to read.


Hard-to-Read All Caps Need Character Spacing

Headings with all capital letters can be hard to read when they have more than two words – where effort is needed to grasp them. This is why character spacing, or letterspacing, should always be considered when formatting titles and headings in all caps. Text in all caps with little to no letterspacing appears to be crowded and too tight. Letters that are too close to each other make the words harder to read. This is because the letters have the same height and having too little space between them makes the word unrecognizable. Of course, the words are still readable, but readers will take longer time than usual to focus on each word, slowing down the reading time.


Increased letterspacing will make each letter more distinct because of the teethy edges, unlike the straight edges that tight spacing produces. The more distinct the letters appear, the more readable the words become.


Don’t Overuse Character Spacing

More often than not, too much of anything is not good – character spacing included. Make sure that there is only about 5-12% letterspacing between the letters within a word. Too much character spacing may result in confusion; letters that are too far apart wouldn’t appear to form a word or may have a tendency to be assumed as part of a different word.


To ensure good use of character spacing in your content, and to ensure the better overall appearance of your design or website as well, it is best to trust the professionals. Our team at MicroCreatives consists of designers, writers, and web developers who will work with you to achieve your creative requirements while also applying good design, writing, and development practice to create a flawless, captivating, and engaging output.