Drink, Be Warm and Merry

“Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve got no place to go
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!!”

With the cold weather not about to let up anytime soon, all we could do is stay home and curl up in front of a cozy fire. But instead of the usual eggnog and hot choco, why not try these great drinks concocted by Stonehurst Manor’s beverage specialists, headed by Beverage Manager Michael Rego.
These alcoholic drinks are Michael’s very own top-5 hot holiday drinks. A cross-section of each drink is shown so you can now make your own and spread the festive cheer good spirits bring.

Top Drinks Header Image

For a tropical feel, try the Savannah Banana! Bananas, whipped cream and rum-yum!

The Best Drinks Image

Pining for a cute Irish lad? Or a lovely Irish lass? The Nutty Irish Manor can keep you all warm and fuzzy. Mmmmm… Bailey’s!

Chocolate lovers can rejoice with a mug of Hot Peppermint Patty. Dark Crème de Cacao, Peppermint Schnapps and hot chocolate decadently topped off with whipped cream-it’s a chocolatey-minty heaven in a mug!

The Blitzen 52 Image

The Blitzen 52 –a crazy concoction with coffee, Bailey’s, Kahlua and topped with whipped cream is sure to give you a buzz!

Apres Ski Image

Now the Apres Ski makes for the perfect nightcap – cinnamon, French brandy and honey tea bourbon. Ask anyone who wants this drink and you’ll hear a resounding “qui”. The warm cider hits the spot just right (even better if you have someone to cuddle up to).
Now the folks at Stonehurst Manor are really up to something good. These drinks are guaranteed to keep your tootsies (and the rest of your body) warm until spring! Polar Vortex be damned! Now who said getting snowed in isn’t any fun?