Feature: Websites To Draw Inspirations From

If you are looking for web design ideas, we have provided below some websites that can strike your fancy with beautiful yet highly functional designs. When planning to make changes to your existing website, it is best to look around to see what is current. From images, navigations, to mobile websites, looking at other company websites for inspiration is totally fair play. It is safe to draw inspirations from designs available online – just make sure you do not copy any of the available features exactly. Look at the samples below and take note of their effective use of images, videos, colors, typography, logos, social media, headlines, menus, among other UI and UX design elements.


  1. Paul Stuart – This website is a simple online clothing store. It makes use of bright, vibrant imagery that grabs your attention. The website’s concise copy and tone also enables for easier selling and navigation that doesn’t take away from the web content.

Paul Stuart web design

  1. Fashion Delivery – There is a certain level of uniqueness that works. Fashion Delivery’s use of a cartoon-based theme design created the company’s own private world that’s eye-catching, updated, and interesting to new and returning clients.

Fashion Delivery web design

  1. Home Grown Cow – This online farmers’ market’s website is entertaining while being informative. Home Grown Cow makes use of witty one-liners that shows the company’s objective while keeping readers engaged through a witty copy.

Home Grown Cow web design

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