For Designers: Most Inspiring Print Magazines For 2016

Despite the wealth of information found on the Internet, print media inarguably remains to be a vital source of inspiration and knowledge to even the most tech-savvy individuals. Our web designers and programmers here at MicroCreatives are on the constant hunt for the latest innovations and updates online and beyond. After all, print media also involves creatives that provide input in order to create content for publications.


Last year, the Creative Market Awards, which was voted on by designers and creatives, held its inaugural show in December to recognize the best creative products, tools, and experiences that inspired and motivated the global design community in 2015. Photoshop Creative was named as the winner in the Inspiring Print Magazine for Designers category, while UPPERCASE and Computer Arts were selected as runners-up.

  1. Photoshop Creative
    Photoshop Creative Issue 97

    Issue 97 is Photoshop Creative’s best-selling edition.

    Photoshop Creative from Imagine Publishing serves as a comprehensive resource for designers when it comes to guides and tips for Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Aside from magazines or “bookazines” as they call it, Photoshop Creative also produces DVDs, e-books, and apps.

    UPPERCASE Issue 19

    Issue 19 was mailed to over 3,000 UPPERCASE subscribers.


    Founded by designers and publisher Janine Vangool, UPPERCASE is a quarterly independent magazine mainly focusing on experiments with print processes and paper stock and features colorful and eye-catching graphics on every page.

  3. Computer Arts
    Computer Arts September 2012 issue

    The September 2012 issue of Computer Arts is the most popular edition on iTunes.

    Having been around for almost 20 years, monthly design magazine Computer Arts features lively cover art with creative use of typography. Every issue contains profiles of the design industry’s influential groups and individuals as well as the rising stars of the field.