For Startups: Creating a Visual Identity

Startup companies have a lot on their plates that they need to take care of before going into operation. Creating a visual identity or branding is one of the top priorities.


There are times that the design aspect of launching a business is overlooked, favoring the more immediate needs. You have settled into an office space, hired your staff, and purchased and set up your office stations and facilities; but how about your company’s logo? The website? The marketing materials and ads?


Focusing on your company’s visual identity is as important as securing investors. Branding, engaging content, and effective information dissemination is the starting point of getting your company name out there. Branding gives a face to your business – influencing how it will be viewed by the public and making a statement on your mission and vision. You can’t really launch something without an identity, can you? Otherwise, it will be forgettable. Design can make or break your company’s identity.


What are, then, the design essentials that startup companies should focus on?



Putting an imprint or mark that represents your company on anything that you produce is the best way to promote instant public recognition. Composed of your company name in logotype or represented by icons or symbols, or both, the logo is the most crucial part of designing an identity.


Here are some resources to help you come up with the logo that best represents your company and the message you want to deliver.

Online Presence

Right now everyone – individuals and groups – needs a strong presence in the online world. It can be in the form of social media accounts, blogs, online portfolios, and of course, websites. Having a website can virtually expose your business to a wider audience all over the world. But having a website that looks good and is user-friendly is not enough to generate new leads which ultimately should lead to conversion.


We gathered some tips for you on web design and web optimization.

Digital and Print Materials

Now that you have a company logo and aesthetic, make sure that they are consistently present in all your communication materials, marketing collaterals, and merchandise to hone your brand. These are not only to get the public to be familiar with your brand but as well as your internal team. After all, they are your brand ambassadors. These materials can be either for digital or print use; make sure to be armed with the essential design principles, tips, tricks, and resources when applying branding and design to business materials.

Content Marketing

Design also has the power to offer valuable content and promote the company for thought leadership. This move is especially important to startups as they need to position themselves as influencers in order to gain more leads. Content marketing includes videos, infographics, social media posts, memes, GIFs, and blogs, among others.


To help you get started in designing content marketing materials, here are a few tips and rules you need to know.

All-Inclusive Creative Services

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