Get Typography Inspirations from These Galleries

Have you ever been overexposed to font libraries that it puts you in a creative slump? Creative professionals, including us at MicroCreatives definitely experience this. The countless fonts we see and use every day causes us to lose focus on coming up with fresh, creative typographic art.


If you know what we mean, don’t worry! You can get back on track by getting inspiration from websites that feature collections of remarkable typographic design. Here are five of the most inspiring typography galleries to help you brainstorm for amazing ideas for using typography in design. Scroll away!


Fonts In Use


An independent archive of typography, Fonts In Use is a collaborative project that houses a collection of typography found in “real word” projects or in practical use and not just in design. The archive is indexed by typeface, format, and industry, making it easy for users to search or browse the collection by categories.


Friends of Type


Featuring the works of main contributors Aaron Carámbula, Erik Marinovich, Dennis Payongayong, and Jason Wong, Friends of Type is an image-led blog that showcases original typographic design updated almost daily. The blog mainly features hand lettering more than set type. Friends of Type also features contributions from guest designers once a month.


Incredible Types


If you need inspiration for use of typography on print, you can find over 400 inspirational designs from around the world in Incredible Types. The designs were gathered from 51 countries, created by over 400 creatives. Maintained by Nathan Leigh Davis, the website has an efficient tagging system that can be filtered according to application, client, style, and resource.




A typography inspiration and design gallery, TypeInspire displays typographic artworks by graphic designers and web designers. This niche gallery also accepts submissions from contributors, with the works revolving around typography, text effects, print design, and motion graphics, among others.




Typewolf is the brainchild of Colorado-based designer Jeremiah Shoaf. According to Shoaf, he always found himself frustrated by the lack of good resources for choosing fonts for his projects. He took matters into his own hands and launched his own type gallery in 2013. He added, “Seeing type samples set in “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” isn’t very useful when it comes to web design—seeing how real type performs on actual websites is much more helpful.”


Choosing fonts to use in a design project is sometimes not enough to boost creativity. Visit these websites to get ideas on how typography is creatively used in different design projects for various industries and purposes.