Graphic Design Trends of 2020

With the end of the year is the start of another, and with it are a series of trends that will give the world of graphic design its new shape. Along with the new heights that the industry is expected to reach are the comebacks of a few trends that have greatly improved since its first appearance. Be ready to modernize your marketing strategy using the best and the latest graphic design trends. Check out the following to know what trends are in the spotlight this 2020.


3D and realism

To keep up with the demands of having more innovative and daring designs in 2020, designers are likely to continue the trend of using 3D. What will make this existing trend different from what we see now is that creatives are to combine it with other realities, along with images and 2D objects.>


Cyberpunk color schemes

While we have stirred away from vivid and bold colors for the past year and have been showing more preference towards the use of muted color palettes, the rise of cyberpunk color schemes is expected to aid in showcasing highly futuristic designs. The brand new year will be luminous and vibrant, with designers aiming to deliver a more surreal experience for their viewers.


Color gradients and monochrome

We have seen how this trend has been adding depth to designs for decades. Although it did lay low after the late 2000s, this transitional design came back to dominate again in 2018, and this 2020, the gradient trend is looking more prominent than ever in the field of graphic design. Other than continuing the gradient trend, the rise of monochromatic colors is also expected to bring back 2017’s duotone craze in a simpler and more eye-catching version.


Abstract and dreamy illustrations

Illustrations have always been effective when it comes to establishing imagery and showcasing artistry. However, simple illustrations are not as attention-grabbing as they once were. With the rise of more abstract and dreamy illustrations, eye-grabbing and imaginative designs are likely to take on the spotlight in graphic design this year.


Heavy but simple fonts

Gone were the days that graphic designers made use of complicated and intrinsic fonts to up their designs. Nowadays, especially with the start of 2020, heavy but simple fonts are expected to take over. The use of simpler ones rather than stylish fonts is to create contrast as well as establish the hierarchy within the design. An efficient way to keep designs clean and classy.

Of course, while simpler fonts are rising, designers are taking their chances of playing around with typography to be able to generate unique and fresh ideas.


Ultra-thin geometry

Geometric and curvy lines are merging this 2020 to generate more natural and unique images that showcase sophisticated and futuristic designs. Coupling flowing shapes and lines with other trends, such as the use of muted colors, cyberpunk colors, and heavy fonts, can make your design stand out more. This design trend of 2020 will definitely help bring a unique composition to your design.


Paper cut-out collages

With designers taking on new challenges to come up with fresh new ideas this 2020, the emergence of more paper cut-out collage-type designs is expected to rise. This fairly new trend will bring out the visually striking and artsier side of graphic design.


Minimalist landing pages and shiny metals

As the preference for bold and vivid colors and designs is decreasing, minimalist designs are expected to start making even bigger waves in 2020. The emergence of shiny metals adds sophistication and hints luxury to the design, making it a highly promising trend this year. This, of course, is going to be visible in various graphic design projects as well as in website designs.


Hand lettering

While minimalist designs remain strong in the list of graphic design trends, the use of hand lettering establishes a more genuine connection with the readers. Emphasizing the importance of typefaces in setting the mood of a design, this trend will give designs a more personalized appeal.


Improved branded animations

With companies expected to create more unique and eye-catching animations for their brands, the year 2020 is when GIFs start to give off the same appeal as a stock photo has. This is going to be a massive change in the graphic design industry, something that has been in the works for a number of years.


With the year 2020 starting off a brand new decade, there is great hope for a brighter future in the world of graphic design. And with these trends setting the mood, the future of this industry is looking brighter than ever with these futuristic trends and with the promising and innovative generation that will be taking over this decade.