Finding the Right Topic to Write About

What do you think is harder than starting your writing? It’s coming up with a topic to write about, of course. Thinking of one could be easy if your mind is all fueled up and inspired, but that doesn’t happen all the time. What would you do to find the next topic to write about? To help you get through this crisis, here are a few tips. Read through and find yourself writing your next piece in no time.


Don’t be afraid to switch

One can say that finding something to write about is easy, but going through with it without having the urge to switch halfway is difficult. This is why finding the best one that suits the idea or message you want to get across is important. However, it’s not always that you instantly find a topic to write about from start to finish. And oftentimes, you’ll find yourself thinking that you’ll be wasting time if you start over. In cases like this, don’t think that it is a huge loss if you decide to switch. Having the urge to switch to a more interesting and stimulating topic is inevitable, so go ahead and do it. Finding an initial topic to write about is always a good way of testing the waters. Don’t be afraid to take the risk.


Analyze all angles of the news

If you really find yourself struggling to even find one topic to write about, keeping up with the news is a good start to keep your brain running. Read news articles, navigate through the web, search for keywords, and read about anything that grabs your attention. Delve into learning more about it and don’t simply settle for the headlines or a single article. Research about ideas that intrigue you and follow its progress. Exposing yourself to the latest happenings is a chance to bring yourself closer to one of the best places where you can find the next idea that will inspire you to start working.


Listen to the voice of the people on social media

Do you find yourself wanting to express your opinion after reading an article or seeing the headlines? Well, the people on social media probably have expressed theirs. Try scrolling through the comments and gain a few insights, possibly ones that you agree or disagree with. From this, you can find an inspiration to write about. Go ahead and give it a try.


Ask questions about the stories and articles that you read

You will never run out of questions if the article that you’re reading has a perfect grasp of your attention. Inquire about every idea that you encounter as you read through the article. Ask all the “how, why, what, when” questions that you can think of. Jot down the relevant information that strikes you. You’ll find yourself either wanting to write an article further questioning or answering the questions that you have in mind.


Stay on top of industry news

It’s not enough that you look through the trends on social media, you have to stay updated with the latest news in your industry too. Keep yourself in the loop with the newest trends. Learning about what’s rising in the industry could just lead you to the next topic that you can write about.


Look back at your previous works

Sometimes, looking back at your first few works is a good idea. It can help you squeeze out some new thoughts. You can either update or write a brand new article about an idea that comes to mind the moment you start reviewing your past writings. So even if you find yourself cringing through it all, take on the challenge to go through them again. It’s also a good way to track how much you’ve improved along the way.


Take a step back and relax

If you still feel defeated after trying out all these, give yourself a break. Take a step back and relax. Maybe a breather is all you need after stressing yourself to come up with a topic. Go and get some sleep. After all, the mind still works even when you’re sleeping. So, go and rest, your mind might give rise to an excellent topic for you to write about the moment that you wake up.


Looking for the next topic to write about could be stressful if you don’t know where or how to start. It can be draining if you constantly pressure yourself to come up with one without giving yourself time to step back and strategize. All the more when you keep thinking about how other people are going to take it more than how you are going to enjoy doing it. With this kind of mindset, rather than speeding things up, you’ll keep slowing yourself down. Instead of forcing yourself, be honest and write about something that will let you freely express your thoughts without doubting yourself.