Help yourself to good grammar with Grammarly

While we take pride with our bylines and our “I-beat-the-deadline-and-hit-it-like-there’s-no-tomorrow” moments, us writers – even the most established ones – will admit that grammar   will always be our weakness. We constantly check our sentences, remove or re-position dangling modifiers, check our apostrophe use, check our subject-verb agreement, and restructure the whole statement if it looks like a drab outfit that we chose to wear last night because of indecisiveness. We are thankful of traditional word processing applications and their spelling and grammar checks (press F7), because it automatically alerts us of spelling errors and grammar errors using colored lines and checks the whole of the article for us. However, the rise of on-the-go content creation and working on the web have pulled us away from the safety and security of the traditional desktop and word processing applications, thus making us dependent on our stock knowledge on the nitty-gritty of grammar and our proofreading and copy editing skills. Somehow, there is insecurity, because we have lived with automatic spell checks and grammar checks (even if it is annoying sometimes).


Grammarly browser extension


This is where Grammarly saves the day. Grammarly is an extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers that can help writers jump over grammar obstacles easily. Here, writers should simply download the extension and have it up and running, and instantly writers will start seeing the familiar red and green lines that run underneath words or phrases that look like mistakes. Writers may then click on the error lines or the Grammarly Icon to see suggested changes, together with an explanation of whatever grammar rule was broken or if there are spelling errors in the sentence. The level of detail and the meticulousness of the plug-in is pretty impressive – plus the plug-in is for free! The free version comes with basic services, while the premium plan (costs $11.66++ monthly) with double the number of grammar rules, a vocabulary enhancement tool, and a plagiarism checker.


An example of Grammarly suggestions