INFOGRAPHIC: Graphic Design Trends of 2016

In 2015, we saw the rise of minimalism in graphic design, especially flat design. Full screen video backgrounds in web design also became a trend in 2015. Printing company Coastal Creative predicted that these design principles will continue to become relevant this year. What other graphic design trends can we expect in 2016?


Coastal Creative published an infographic called Design Trends 2016 where they predicted new and continuing trends in 2016 when it comes to graphic design. The trends mentioned will surely put your design projects or websites at a competitive advantage.


Design Trends 2016 by Coastal Creative

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Continuing Trends:

  1. Flat Design – According to the infographic, flat design will continue to be used and relevant even after being in trend for a few years now. Although it may have evolved from its original, ideal form, as it is expected to look different every year, but the main thought and core reason for its use is and will be the same.
  2. Backgrounds and Full Screen Videos – The perfect background video makes the website seem more high quality. And with the internet speeds steadily increasing all around the world, expect videos to play a big role in web design.
  3. Social Sites and Mobile Apps – With social media sites and mobile devices both at their all-time high when it comes to usage, it is expected for mobile apps to get better with the designers also getting better and more creative over time.
  4. Responsive Design – And with the rise of mobile devices comes the demand for responsive web design with better performance. Responsive web design has already been a standard, with the Google mobile search algorithm favoring mobile-friendly websites, and more old websites are expected to be redesigned.

New Trends:

  1. Correct Typography – With typeface and font collections continuing to expand, designers will have more options when looking for the right font that will fit the design theme. Typography is seen to play an important role in graphic design, with graphic designers adhering to sound typographical principles becoming more relevant.
  2. Minimalistic Styles – Expect minimalism to become a trend that will work well with responsive design and flat design. As mobile internet users keep on increasing, minimalist design is expected in mobile websites for better user experience and higher conversion rate.
  3. Visual Storytelling – Content is still king. And with great design and the right content format, an a story will definitely stand out. The online world has become too saturated that web users will only go for the best content and design that stands out. Apply these principles in engaging and emotional stories that will move the audience, and you’re good.
  4. Card-based Interface – Card-based user interface such as that of Pinterest and Microsoft are expected to become more appealing. Cards also make the presentation of information look better and more organized than sliders.

Get ahead of the game and apply these graphic design trends on your creative projects and expect more audience reach and engagement, and higher web traffic and conversion. A talented and insightful designer who collaborates with a compelling writer will yield a great design with interesting content. Throw in a skilled and knowledgeable motion graphics artist or an animator for video projects, or a quick developer for responsive and user-friendly websites to get the most out your brand or business. Consult with MicroCreatives to learn more about design trends and the right creative service you need.