INFOGRAPHIC: Top Logo Trends For 2016

Logos come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Each one is unique and serves a specific purpose. A well-thought and well-designed logo involves a lot of important elements – both subtle and obvious – that signify the brand. A strong and effective logo involves balance among components that make up design, which result on being a solid foundation for creating an identity with a long-lasting impact on consumers. Here at MicroCreatives, our design team meticulously works on logo designs, in order to create a compelling visual representation of the brand that utilizes the best and appropriate aesthetics.


Branding platform Tailor Brands made a detailed infographic that shows the top six logo trends to watch out for 2016, including the importance of gradients, minimalism, lettering, geometric shapes and textures, negative space, and multi-line logos.


2016 Logo Trends infographic

Click image for larger version.