INFOGRAPHIC: What Do These Famous Symbols Mean?

Symbols are essentially a huge chunk of our culture and how big of an impact they have – whether it’s to inform, to represent, and to convey a specific message or meaning with just an image. Some have deep ties with historical events that serve as a reminder of an important event, an embodiment of a time encapsulated in a symbol – ones that are universally understood, transcending language barriers.


We become familiarized with symbols, as they have become a fixture in our lives, surpassing time, and there are interesting and fascinating, sometimes surprising, meaning behind some famous symbols.


If you are coming up with concepts for logo design and branding, incorporating famous symbols is often a good idea so that the audience would easily catch the message you want to convey, as well as to feel as sense of familiarity with the design.


But remember, when using famous symbols and other iconic imagery, make sure that your understanding of their meaning is accurate, to avoid misrepresentation. Parrot Print Canvas created an infographic that illustrates some of the world’s most recognizable symbols and the meaning behind them.



Whether you are to use a famous symbol or want to create your own symbol or logo to represent you or your business’ identity, trust the designers at MicroCreatives to utilize our skills, the best tools, and the latest trends applicable to provide you the best branding and identity design services with your best interests at heart.