Quirky and Literal Illustrations of Common English Idioms and Their Meanings

Ah, words. Words are utterances of the human mind – created from the thirst of a person to describe what he saw, using phonetics that are incorporated to symbols, which finally becomes the arbitrary ‘name’ of something or someone. Words are evolutionary and revolutionary, and words are *awesome*, so to speak. During the long period of the presence of words, people have toyed with it, producing figures of speech and expressions that are in tune with their surroundings. Idioms, for example, are actually observations that are merged with words, which paint a colorful depiction of a certain action or a feeling, as such. Creative, isn’t it?


Since idioms are quite acceptable nowadays, people loosely use it in daily conversations, and with that idioms have become part of our lives. They are not taken ‘literally’ so to speak, as they are used to pertain to actions and feelings and the like. However, as what we’ve said earlier, words are arbitrary, are they not? So what if we actually took it literally? How would it look like? Pretty much funny and quirky, actually. Artist Roisin Hahessy moved to Brazil and teaches the English language there, which inspired her to create literal illustrations of common English idioms to make learning English more fun and easy. Here are some of them along with their meanings:


















All photos/art were produced by Illustrator Roisin Hahessy.