Look Out for These Five Common Logo Design Mistakes!

The logo is a crucial part of branding and identity. It visually represents the brand, the company, the business. And for that reason, it is important to make sure that the logo design accurately represents the identity of the brand and the message it wants to convey.


FreeLogoServices has created a helpful infographic that illustrates the five common mistakes you every designer must look out for and avoid when designing a logo. Aside from logo design advice, the infographic also technical advice such as the use of different file types.


File Type

Make sure you are using the correct file type. Designers sometimes make the mistake of using raster graphics (bitmap) when saving their logos. When saving with bitmap or raster graphics you reduce the quality. This kind of file loses its quality when enlarged, and also becomes hard to edit. There are platforms that do not let you play around with bitmap files. Instead, it’s better to use vector graphics since these are more mathematically precise where designers can freely blow up and shrink the image while maintaining the same image quality and clarity. Additionally, most platforms can read vector files.



Sometimes it’s okay not to go with the latest trend. Doing so can be counter-productive. The thing with trends is that some of them don’t last. It may be popular now, but it won’t be popular in the coming years. Going down a more classic route instead of applying all of the latest trends would be better the long run. Designing a classic and timeless logo doesn’t have to mean that it’s boring. Also, working with classic design is by far easier especially when applying changes after a couple of years.


Complicated Elements

Don’t overcomplicate things. It is a common notion that unique design has to be complex, but this doesn’t always apply! When designing a logo, go for elements that will make it easily remembered while leaving a lasting impression. It’s good to understand that complex designs can sometimes make logos hard to remember. Having a simple, memorable logo will also work especially when reprinting or replicating/making copies for print, online, among other promotional products.


Colors and Fonts

Avoid using too many colors or too many fonts together. Same with using complex elements, using too many colors or fonts in a design can make the logo look too busy and unprofessional. Using a lot of colors can look overwhelming and distracting, more so if they don’t go well together. Make a black and white copy of your logo at first then just add other colors, as needed, at a later time. Remember that there will be times that you may need to display your logo in only one color. As for fonts, a combination of two fonts is enough, to keep the consistency.


Check out the infographic below.

5 Mistakes to Avoid when Designing Your Logo

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