MarkMaker: A Feedback-Based Logo Generator

MarkMaker randomly generates logos

MicroCreatives logo on MarkMaker

Logos speak volumes about your business, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the process of designing one requires time. There are plenty of concepts to work with, and sorting through them can be tedious. Working with designers, especially here at MicroCreatives, conveying your preferences clearly can get tricky. Things like design pegs and mood board can help, as well as MarkMaker, a new logo generator site.

Generating new designs based on logos you like.

MarkMaker generates randomly designed logos and refines them based on your feedback. All you have to do is simply enter your brand or business’s name and choose from various designs. From these generated logos, ‘like’ (or click the heart icon) the ones you want to be able to choose from the refined versions that MarkMaker will generate, based on your preferences. Once you found the best one, you can then apply changes on the logo – such as font type, color, weight, spacing, and more. This helps you visualize better the kind of logo you have in mind and helps to share your ideas with the designer more easily.


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MarkMaker logo generator