Mehmet Gözetlik Stripped Down Famous Brands for His Study on Brand Minimalism

A product’s identity relies heavily on its brand, one that is intended to establish a strong recall among consumers. Of course, the concept and design is of utmost importance, and several factors are at play when it comes to creating a remarkable and iconic brand design.


For most parts, these iconic brands are maximalist in design: colors, fonts, and different elements are crucial. Some popular brands have elements that are instantly recognizable at any given moment. Sometimes, we even associate particular designs to a specific era and some of them change – whether slightly or drastically – to adapt to modern times, but still retain a classic vibe, therefore implying longevity in the market: a trusted brand, nonetheless.


Now, what if some of these elements are changed and applied with gradually increasing minimalist effect? Istanbul designer, independent artist, and entrepreneur Mehmet Gözetlik from design group Antrepo did a set entitled Minimalism Effect in the Maximalist Market, where he took some of the most iconic international brands and stripped them down to minimalist effect. The study aims to see how many elements one can remove from a product packaging and still retain its branding. His set involved changes in fonts, removal of graphics, etc. Some of us may think minimalist design serves more on the aesthetic perspective, rather than in marketing. But there are already several instances where it nails down on both purposes.


Here are some samples from Mehmet Gözetlik’s study on brand minimalism: